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HOLISTIC MUSE: (my definition, of course) A woman, (ok, go ahead, say Goddess instead!) who inspires people to improve their health in holistic ways so they can fully unleash their VITALITY.

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What my clients are saying…

testimonial_quoteBefore I enrolled in transformational coaching with Melissa, I was feeling stuck in making progress building my business.  I was overwhelmed as to what to do next, and that was preventing progress.  It was keeping me from growing, both personally and professionally.  Once we started working together, I was able to get laser focused on my goals and make significant progress with accountability and support.  I would highly recommend this program to those trying to make *any* significant change in their lives so that they can create positive momentum through successes – both large and small.

Lissa J.

testimonial_quoteI had been struggling to maintain focus and concentration, and I was feeling tired and sluggish too much of the time. As a result, I was not as effective as I wanted to be in my various roles at home and at work. She helped me to determine my goals, analyze my current behaviors, and identify specific areas to work on to help me move toward achieving my goals. For me, that meant monitoring and modifying my diet, sleep patterns, and exercise routine.

Steve N.


Before I started my program with Melissa I felt like I needed a positive change. As the year was starting to come to a close, my thoughts moved to the New Year and I began taking inventory of my life, specifically, my health.What I had been doing wasn’t getting me the results I wanted. I was “hungry” for an alternative way of looking at my health. A friend suggested I speak with Melissa, and I am oh-so-glad that I did!

Joy B.

Before I started my program with Melissa I was feeling decreased energy and had trouble sleeping. It was keeping me from feeling focused, personally and professionally. Professionally, I saw the impact this had on my staff. Personally, I was finding it difficult to shed the last few pounds of unwanted weight. Once Melissa and I started working together, I gained a comprehensive understanding of how certain foods can affect multiple aspects of my well-being. I now have the knowledge to make healthy food choices…

Chad K.


I felt a lack of natural energy throughout the day, and I was having a difficult time staying focused. This was keeping me from my full potential both in the work place and in my personal life. Melissa helped me to identify the source of these problems, and more importantly, lifestyle changes that would help me to control them. I learned several different techniques to keep clutter out of my mind to help stay focused, and also better ways to treat my body to increase my energy.

Stephen B.


Before I started my coaching sessions with Melissa, I felt like I was focused on making my family happy and succeeding at work. The one  area I was not devoting anytime to was my own health and wellbeing. I was very tired at night and was gaining weight. I wasn’t very happy with how I was feeling or looking.  She helped me find time in my day to focus on me.  Now I’m committed to spending time  every day on making myself healthier through exercise, strength training and eating clean foods without sacrificing other important priorities in my life.

Tricia S.

VITALITY Cleanse 2.0

What’s cleansing and why should I do it? 

There are almost as many ways to cleanse out there now as there are diet theories; that is why the term can be confusing. Some use only liquids. Some use expensive supplements and powders. What we will do in five weeks is not a typical “cleanse” or a “diet”. It’s about letting go of old habits that no longer serve us into HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE based on whole (complete) foods that you find in your supermarket, (there are no expensive, bottled concoctions to buy!) and learning how to best care for yourself. Cleansing can help restore the body’s pH levels and eliminate toxins creating an environment where disease finds it hard to flourish.

If you have cleansed with us before, this is the VITALITY Cleanse 2.0. What does that mean? It means a more personal approach to fit your needs as an individual. There are 2 paths to choose from: Omnivore or Herbivore. Yes, you read that right. Meat eaters are invited to the party too!

The program is five weeks: pre-cleanse, (week one) cleanse (weeks 2-4) and post cleanse (week 5). During the cleanse (weeks 2-4) we eliminate certain chemical, physical and emotional stressors. We add in physical movement, meditation, and other elements of self-care. We explore our desires for our health and wellbeing, high energy & low energy foods, honoring hunger and fullness, uncover what needs nourished and how to establish a “new normal” post-cleanse.

The program is delivered in a group setting and is limited to twelve participants. You do NOT need to live in Columbus, Ohio to participate.


Hear what some of my previous cleansers have to say:

“Before I cleansed with Melissa I was feeling bloated and always tired. It was keeping me from getting back into my daily work-out after my vacation. Once we started the cleanse, I was able to get right back into the flow of things. It made me refocus on what I was putting into my body and how that was making me feel. I would recommend this program to anyone that is concerned with their overall health. Thank you, Melissa, for getting me back on my road!!”

“I joined the VITALITY cleanse with Melissa because I was battling sugar cravings, apologizing for my mood swings, and feeling too tired to keep up with my kids. About five days into the cleanse, I watched my cravings drop away with ease, and there was no turning back! Now, on my third week of the cleanse, my rosacea is almost gone, I am thinking more clearly, and have received lots of compliments because my skin is glowing and I lost several pounds! And I am keeping up with my kids on bike rides. Thank you, Melissa, for leading such a fun and effective cleanse!”

“Melissa presented the info clearly and with a great sense of humor, which made squeamish topics like bowels hilarious!”

So, you wanna cleanse? First things first, join me for a call Sunday, August 10th at 8:30 PM EST/5:30 PM PDT. Sign up for the call here!


Total Transformation

Do you desire a change? If you want something you’ve never had before, you must do something you have never done before.

What’s TOTAL Transformation?

Total Transformation is a twelve week program designed to sustain lasting change.
The program is delivered in two ways:
  • Individually: one-on-one sessions in person, over the phone or on Skype
  • In Groups: with 6 or more in-person sessions, via recordings or a combination of both
This program is perfect for:
  • People who are successful in taking baby steps towards change
  • Like to feel fully supported when executing a plan
  • Perform best with an accountability partner(s)
So, you wanna take those next steps? First things first, schedule a discovery session to find out if this is the right program for you. By the end of our call, we will know if I am a good fit for you and I will explain steps you can take IMMEDIATELY that will move you forward.

28 Days 1FM2

Discovery Session
What’s a Discovery Session you ask?

I’ll tell you. A Discovery Session is a 30- minute phone session during which I ask questions  designed to help you articulate your vision for your health and wellness, uncover any challenges you are experiencing, expose what might be preventing you from having what you want so we know how to move forward. And who doesn’t want to move forward? By the end of our call, we will know if I am a good fit for you and I will explain steps you can take IMMEDIATELY that will move you forward.

So, you wanna take those next steps? First things first, contact me to schedule a discovery session to find out if this is right program for you.

Total Transform 1FM2